New London employees will get health coverage under state plan

New London – Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio and State Comptroller Kevin Lembo announced today that city and school system employees will be insured under the state’s health insurance partnership program starting July 1.
Finizio said besides savings of approximately $30,000 next fiscal year, the city could take the “self-insurance reserve” funds it currently uses for employee health insurance and inject it into the education system or the municipal fund.
“It will allow the City of New London to provide better quality care while also controlling the long-term growth and costs of government,” Finizio said.

Eight entities in total will be joining the partnership July 1, Lembo said. The plan will not cost the state additional money, Lembo said.
New London municipal and schol employees will pay about the same as they have been paying for the new health insurance plan and will receive at least the same access to care under the new plan, Finizio said. The shift is part of his overall plan to balance the budget and reduce costs in the future, he said.


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