Clarification: It's not a smear if it is factual

In a recent letter, "Haberek's great job explains smear tactics," (July 24) former Democrat Selectman John Gomes accused me of "peddling smears" about Stonington First Selectman Ed Haberek.

Gomes should know that a "smear" is an "unsubstantiated charge or accusation against an individual." The key word is "unsubstantiated."

It is a fact that Haberek and the Town of Stonington are defendants in a long standing, embarrassing and potentially expensive lawsuit with a woman who says he sent lewd photos of himself on town equipment.

It is a fact that Haberek interfered with a Stonington police officer and a zoning officer in the performance of their official duties on Greenhaven Road earlier this year (see Police Report 13-571-OF dated April 26).

It is a fact that Rhode Island took Yardney Technical Products and 165 high-tech employees out of Pawcatuck under Haberek's nose at a cost of about $70,000 per employee. The list goes on.

These facts show the failed leadership of Ed Haberek. As a taxpaying citizen I have a right to speak "truth to power."

The fact is, we can do better this November with Glee McAnanly.

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