Gets his kicks from reading liberal Day

It was a pleasure to pick up the Aug. 18 "The Day," the nation's most liberal newspaper with the exception of the New York Times. Your Pollyanna's view of society's problems continues to amaze moderate thinking persons. Starting with "State money inspires UConn president to dream big." Legislature approves bonding $1.5 billion for "Next Generation Connecticut."

How much more?

This is a debt to future generations. North Carolina attracts business and people to the Research Triangle you describe. Connecticut drives away businesses and people because of taxes. If people can't afford to live or retire in a state why would business come here? Fix the foundation; is it that hard to see the problem? Then business and people will come, retirees will stay.

Then there was the article on "Volunteers take Riverside Park under their wing." Conservancy members should be commended, however the city of New London is broke and its government dysfunctional. Had they taken the U.S. Coast Guard deal the money would have provided a park. It's nice to talk about the good old days, but they are gone.

Lastly, the "New York Times" article on the "Cairo mosque turns to war zone." Nothing was democratic about the Morsi government. Consider, what if Germany's strong military had removed Hitler's "elected government" in 1933?

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