Choice in Stonington: Ice cream politics or genuine leadership

As my wife and I were enjoying the beautiful day on Sept. 7, we heard the sound of an ice cream truck coming around our neighborhood. We thought to ourselves how nice to hear the melody of "Little Brown Jug" knowing that the attraction was for the children in the neighborhood.

When what to my wondering eyes did appear but Glee McAnnaly in an ice cream truck yelling free ice cream.

Now I'm not sure what our Republican candidate for first selectman was trying to accomplish. The kids in the neighborhood were all excited, but they can't vote. Where is Glee going with this? Shouldn't she be knocking on doors and telling us what she plans on accomplishing? What issues she feels need to be discussed?

Ice cream politics tell me that she can't come up with any issues that Ed Habareck hasn't already discussed or is working on. Ed doesn't use an ice cream truck to become the first selectman, Ed deals with problems and he solves them.

If you want ice cream in the Town Hall then vote for Glee. If you want action taken, then vote for Ed Habareck.

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