It's best just to forget Gen. Benedict Arnold

This Saturday, Benedict Arnold will be tortured and burned in effigy on New London's waterfront. This vile man should not be given the respect of remembrance in any manner for any reason.

In 1781 he cost the city more in blood and money than any other town during the entire American Revolution. He is as evil as John Mason who slaughtered 700 Pequot Indians, Capt. George Beckwith who rammed a sword through Col. William Ledyard upon surrender, and as bad as the British officers who hung Nathan Hale without a trial.

How does one explain to their children that it is OK to celebrate and revel in the burning of Benedict Arnold at the stake, but it is bad when we see a public figure burned in effigy by protesters?

Benedict Arnold should be forgotten just like those killers involved in Columbine or Newtown.

Considering the number of great heroic patriots who emerged from the Revolution, we should spend our time teaching our children about the heroes and those who helped build New London out of ruins, not the ones who destroyed it.

I am disappointed our mayor supports this presentation. There is nothing fun about public torture and burning, even if theatrical.

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