Charter idea, experience make Tranchida his pick

The subject of charter revision always comes up during the election season. I served on one charter commission. As city clerk I worked closely with other Charter Revision Commissions. So did Democratic candidate Michael Tranchida.

There are 24 boards, agencies and committees in New London. They consist of a hundred or so citizens meeting on a regular basis providing invaluable assistance to city government. Mike believes it is time to establish a charter committee consisting of members who will, with deliberate and unhurried attention to detail, review and establish potential charter revisions. Potential revisions are then submitted to a future Charter Revision Commission when appointed by City Council. Too little time will no longer be an excuse.

The charter deserves a permanent committee. It will assure the effectiveness and quality of the next Charter Revision Commission, next year or five years down the line.

In addition to wide knowledge and experience with state and local government, Michael Tranchida is well qualified for election as a member of the New London City Council. Mike is on line 2B. He has the knowledge, the experience and is more than just qualified for office. He has my vote. I hope he has yours.


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