Stop stalling, GOP, and back Obamacare

Thanks to Obamacare, over 30 million uninsured Americans will be able to afford the health coverage they need, protecting their choice of doctors, and not getting turned downed for pre-existing or current conditions from employers or insurance companies.

After watching Michael Moore's "Sicko" and going to, I realize that we cannot shut down the government over the health care law that has helped millions of Americans.

No matter what Congress does, they will never shut down Obamacare with the Senate in charge. Congress needs to put aside differences, care about the people they represent instead of their own needs and political beliefs, stop attempting to eliminate Obamacare, and help the many unfortunate instead of the few privileged, and pass Obama's budget, so America can be back on track and the government can avoid shutdown.

I have read from Reuters, USA Today, and NPR that Obamacare has helped people and the economy, and we cannot give up an opportunity that benefits the United States.

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