Members of Congress should lose paychecks

Here we are once again. The so-called leaders in Congress shut down the government over party politics. Their salaries and benefits should also have been suspended, but I forget that most of them don't really need the money. They have already fattened their bank accounts on our backs.

No matter what they say, they are not looking out for the majority of our citizens. They are looking out for themselves and their campaign donations.

Who is going to pay the bills of the government workers who live paycheck to paycheck?

What about our military, should they stop protecting themselves, for don't bullets cost money? What about the services that veterans receive, or are they now expendable?

We go through this every year around budget time, which is kind of stupid, since the government does not follow the budget anyway.

I for one have lost respect for the lawmakers of this nation, but in spite of them we do survive and go on. I bet when it comes to re-election time, their hands will be out looking for our hard earned money.

They need not call my house or stop by my door, for it will be closed to them.

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