'Unaffordable' Care Act is unconstituional

President Obama's "Unaffordable Care" Act fails to pass constitutional muster on four counts.

First, it violates the constitutional guarantee of religious liberty by making pro life Americans pay for abortion-inducing drugs and contraception which they object to on religious grounds.

Second, Obamacare rations health care through "death panels," which have carte blanche to decide who gets health care and who does not. These death panels are not accountable to Congress or the Supreme Court.

Third, Obamacare provides tax credits and subsidies for the purchase of health insurance which it has no statutory authority to do. Neither has it the statutory authority to force employers to provide health insurance in states that opt out of health insurance exchanges.

Fourth, the individual mandate is a tax, so says the Supreme Court, and taxes must originate in the House, not the president. Once a law has passed Congress and is signed by the president, the president cannot rewrite certain portions of it.

President Obama has rewritten the law himself to postpone the mandate for business's for one year. For further information on the pending lawsuit to declare the Unaffordable Care Act unconstitutional, contact the Committee for Justice, P.O. Box 96740, Washington D.C., 20090-6740.

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