Appeasing Iran would be a tragic error

For years Iran has made no secret out of its desire for Israel to cease to exist. Former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sounded so much like an Iranian version of Adolf Hitler that it was eerie. Prior to World War II, leaders such as Great Britain's Neville Chamberlain didn't believe the rabidly anti-Semitic former Austrian corporal in his pronouncements that the Jews were an inferior race which deserved extermination.

In my view, Iranian President Rouhani is more than happy to exploit again the willful blindness on the part of the West to buy time to build a nuclear arsenal, just as Hitler did to fortify Germany's military in the last century.

Another question that is repeatedly ignored is why Iran, with its huge oil reserves, all of a sudden requires nuclear technology for "peaceful purposes," such as to generate electrical power. Is it a coincidence that Iran is also concurrently upgrading missile capability as well?

I wonder what kind of "test" columnist David Ignatius envisions to see if the Iranian overtures are genuine or not. Should the world wait until there are nuclear missiles aloft headed for Israel or Europe to find out?

Thankfully, Israel's prime minister is not a Neville Chamberlain - or a David Ignatius!

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