A Mr. I salute for Delaney

Idle Thoughts, while waiting for the Giants' 10-game win streak, Bill Raftery's first "man to man!" of the year and for our St. Louis Cardinals to stay hot:

• Mr. Idle, Mr. I to his close friends, would like to salute Montville High School boys' soccer coach Colin Delaney's exquisite taste in music.

Every time the Indians win a home game (haven't lost in two years), they cue Sinatra over the public address system.

After "New York, New York," we get "Summer Wind."

We need more of this in education, frankly.

"Just trying to make you feel more at home," Colin said to Mr. I the other night.

He's a good man, that Colin Delaney.

• Spectacular idea, this scheduling of a UConn football home game the same day as the Hartford Marathon.

All those people in and around Hartford last Saturday morning and 37,000 others trying to get to Rentschler Field at the same time.

Couldn't possibly create traffic snarls.

Mr. I nearly committed roughly three homicides trying to dodge runners on East River Dr., while police officers held stoplights for longer than it takes to digest one of George Will's sentences.

Well done, one and all.

• OK. Now Mr. I wrote this before the outcome of Sox-Tigers Saturday night.

But this guy Cabrera is supposed to be good, right?

• Mr. I must share this.

In response to a recent column about anonymous reader comments, Mr. I got this nugget: "If your are going to use my comment as the basis of today's article, feel free to show a bit of class and admit where it came from. Not an anonymous commentator, but 'Vinnie, Waterford.'"

Well that clears things up, doesn't it?

Note to Vinnie, Waterford: You do realize nobody has any idea who you are, right? Thereby making you still anonymous?

You do get that, right?

You do get that we still have no idea of your true identity?

Because for all we know, you could be Walt from Warwick or Marge from Mystic.

Maybe in the future you could post your big, tough opinions with - gasp - your real first and last name?

C'mon, Marge. You can do it.

• If actress January Jones married former NBA guard Eric Snow and then divorced him for Maryland defensive back William Likely, that would make her a weather forecast.

(January Snow Likely).

• Public service announcement to Patriot fans:

They beat the Saints on a last-second touchdown last week.

Mr. I figures all of you who left early might want to know.

And by the way:

Brady does that on Oct. 13.

Eli does that in the Super Bowl. So there.

• Speaking of which: Any media member who posed the question of whether Eli should suddenly be benched should have his (or her) press pass revoked.

What, he got terrible overnight?

• Another new uniform for Notre Dame in the Arizona State game. Gold and pea green with shamrocks.

Has there ever been another institution in the history of the world so obsessed with announcing its presence with such dizzying levels of garishness, tastelessness and egomania?

• Useless fact: There are cadets at Coast Guard Academy named Oswald and Ruby.

No, really.

Alex Oswald is a football player and Sam Ruby is a senior.

No word on whether they've ever been seen in Dallas at the same time.

But Oswald was born in Irving, Tex, a Dallas suburb.

What are the odds?

This is the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro.


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