Stuller will stand up to NL police union

New London voters have a stark choice this election. Only one council candidate actively opposes control of city government by police and fire unions. Only Ronna Stuller has the courage to stand up to the union thugs controlling our city. For decades, every police chief who tried to tame the union has been met by the same tactics we see today.

New London is witnessing a new level of demagoguery. Out-of-town radio shows, hosted by the anonymous, act as police union mouthpieces, fanning flames of fear with rumors and destroying our economy with lies that New London is a cesspool of crime. Republicans and Democrats compete to see who can carry the most union water.

New London needs one police dog, not four to guarantee four union members overtime seven days a week for dog-care duty. New London needs councilors working for residents, not for a union led by a State Police retiree pulling down a $85,366 state pension while working toward a city pension, when not busy suing taxpayers. Ronna will work for us, not them.

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