Set aside politics and vote Nystrom

Norwich Mayor Peter Nystrom is not a professional politician; but based on recent events nationally, I think we can all agree; we don't need or want that kind of politics here in our home town. He believes that our children deserve the very best education, while at the same time ensuring that our tax dollars go for that purpose by trying to eliminate waste in the system. He has told all city departments to eliminate waste and duplication of efforts; to be environmentally savvy and to go green. Mayor Nystrom is a man of principle, with strong family values; and he wants no less for us than he does for his own family. His children were raised and educated here. Providing a vibrant, healthy community for them to remain here as adults, has always been a motivating factor.

Please vote for Mayor Nystrom; regardless of party affiliation, because he is the right choice.

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