Malloy creates problem then hits hospitals

I read with interest, then anger, the Oct. 18 article, "Malloy, L+M trade barbs over hospital's labor practices," regarding Gov. Malloy's interjection into the current labor controversy between Lawrence + Memorial Hospital and its unions. As L+M President and CEO Bruce Cummings points out, Malloy and his administration have rescinded $18 million in funding to L+M and similar amounts to Backus and every other hospital in the state, funds needed and earmarked to continue to provide services to the uninsured and underinsured (this includes Medicare), not to mention that great, looming unknown, Obamacare.

Emergency rooms, hospital nurse staffing on all floors, ancillary care etc. have already been pared to dangerous levels in attempting to meet decreased revenues and reimbursements while facing disproportionally increasing costs, unfunded mandates, and societal/patient expectations of unlimited and unrestricted care. For the man most responsible for this arbitrary funding retraction, a financial coup de grace in an already untenable situation, to now publicly take the part of "the people" is disingenuous at best. It was said that the most dangerous place in Connecticut was between our former Attorney General Richard Blumenthal (now senator) and a news camera. Blumenthal has moved on; Malloy quite seamlessly filled the void.

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