Inconsiderate to take time for extra hug

I realize that there are more pressing issues facing our troubled world today, but I would like to apprise the rather smug writer, "Try leaving earlier," (Oct. 19), of the ripple effect of her action when she boards her child's school bus.

Imagine, in the line of the waiting cars, the one containing an exhausted night nurse. She may struggle to stay awake, driving home to kiss her own children before they board their buses. Instead, she waits for you to do what you have had the morning to do while she cared for her patients.

The other idling drivers may have left their homes in plenty of time, before you and others lacked the courtesy to allow the bus driver to complete his rounds in a timely manner. (Consider waking up earlier to gird your child for her day before the bus arrives.)

If you simply cannot relate to these working people, consider the exhaust fumes being created by the waiting vehicles. The planet is being afflicted by your action.

Empathy for all creatures, both on and off of life's highways is the only response that works here, please.

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