Too much trash along the coast

The Union Baptist Church of Mystic Team partnered with Clean Up Sound and Harbors (CUSH), Stonington to clean up the Mystic River coastal areas. The amount of trash and garbage that 15 people collected in two hours and in only a half-mile area was overwhelming.

To think that our beautiful river and surrounding area is littered is unconscionable. The river is our gem and doing our part to keep it clean is everyone's responsibility. We collected more than 350 cigarette butts, more than 100 glass, plastic and metal beer and soda containers, a mile of old fishing line tangled around the trees and rocks, metal and wood pieces and hundreds of other pieces of miscellaneous trash.

The trash harms the fish, birds and wildlife, it destroys our landscape and is all around harmful to the environment. Let us all pitch in to keep all our rivers clean and free from trash by either refraining from throwing trash around the rivers or by stopping for a minute to pick up trash as we walk. Please visit CUSHINC.ORG to find out what else this important organization is doing for our community or to volunteer.

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