Genetically modified food must be labeled

Most Americas agree genetically modified foods (GMOs) should be labeled, and earlier this year, Connecticut was the first state to pass a law that would require labeling. But just as food manufacturers opposed laws to print nutrition facts on food, now they are spending millions to kill ballot measures that would start labeling foods with GMOs.

This is no small matter for the Big Food lobby. The Grocery Manufacturers Association said in 2012 that defeating the pro-labeling measure in California was its "single highest priority," and the group wasn't kidding - it spent $45 million to kill the measure. This year, in Washington state, the anti-labeling campaign has outspent supporters by 2 to 1 to scare voters who appear set to defeat the measure. This raises the question: If GMOs are as great as these companies claim, why would they spend millions to prevent transparency?

Even though Connecticut passed a labeling bill this year, we need other states to follow suit before it goes into effect… unless a federal labeling bill is passed. Senator Murphy should join Senator Blumenthal and cosponsor national GMO labeling legislation as Connecticut has already passed labeling in the state.

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