Consumers must remember that we all should be buying American

The article, "New London port getting its grove back," (Nov. 5), is a microcosm of the problems we are facing in America today.

Although the article tries to project a positive outlook, the actual facts are ominous to us as Americans. Why? We have a Polish ship, with Filipino and European crews, delivering Chinese steel, and being off-loaded under control of a Canadian company.

Where are the Americans? Doing grunt labor in the holds of the ship, and I'm willing to guess over half of them are driving cars made by foreign companies.

Apparently, our government is clueless about this, as only feeble attempts are made to increase jobs by government officials going on trips abroad, ostensibly to develop business.

However, the real answer is here at home, and we Americans are the one to foster change, not the government. We are the largest consuming nation in the world, and if we all made an effort to buy American, I believe our economy could turn around in six months. By law, all products are identified with the country of origin, so selection is up to us.

We should all be buying American; the job we save may be our own.

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