Surely, Day filibuster editorial title mistaken

I believe there is a mistake in the editorial headline's, "GOP went too far," (Nov. 23), which should have read, "Democrats went too far."

The manipulation of the Senate rules to curtail the filibuster -which have stood for over 225 years - is bad for we as citizens, and bad for America.

Now, any party in power in the Senate can now assure that any sleazy presidential appointment can be passed, and it will further divide us as a country. Now, there are no checks or balances. The biggest bully wins.

I am sure that if the Republican Party was in power in the Senate, The Day would viciously attack this action, and deservedly so.

I think The Day newspaper should take a few steps back and redirect their editorial page actions toward what is good for us as a nation, not blindly support anything the Democratic Party does. It might consider being "the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people's rights."

You might even sell more newspapers.

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