He found L+M fill-ins providing fine service

Meaning no offense to a fellow letter writer and his ''A team" analogy - "B Team can't give best L+M Hospital care," (Dec. 4) - regarding the care being provided by the replacement workers at Lawrence + Memorial facilities during the strike, but I feel obligated to report that when I visited the Pequot walk-in Dec. 4 I received the same quick, caring and professional care I have always received. I enjoyed a nice conversation with a wonderful woman who had come up from Atlanta to fill in. We laughed over the weather and the Falcons, and she even expressed hope that the strike would be resolved soon, so that everyone here could "get back to their lives." In no way am I belittling the regular staff, but the doctor's comments regarding the replacement workers does a disservice to them and to the profession. Besides, a lot of the champion Red Sox weren't on the team the prior season and many won't be next year, yet look what they accomplished.

Apparently in medicine, like baseball, trades are part of the game.

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