Quacking up the wrong tree

I could not care less about the program "Duck Dynasty," nor it's faux folksy protagonists' lack of empathy, sympathy, or common sense concerning the affectionate preferences of people who don't share their particular mythology, nor even the fortunes of the A&E network.

But for the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster who created the universe with his noodley appendage, please learn a little something about the Constitution under which we enjoy the right to agree to disagree.

Mr. Robertson's spanking has nothing to do with the First Amendment. Nothing. What. So. Ever. The First, when it addresses speech, concerns only the government's inability (in theory, at least) to suppress speech. No government suppression is involved here.

A&E as the owner of the program has every legal right to tell Robertson to stifle himself if he wants to continue on their show. He is, of course, free to ignore them, and lose the program. As to his freedom to express religiously inspired bigotry and idiocy, again, no government is trying to suppress it.

So the First is not involved. Next time, pay attention in civics class.

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