Happy new year? Not with these issues

What an exciting year for America and the world.

We have had four plus years of White House expectations and promises of affordable health care for everyone, a balanced budget, the end of the Iraq war, and cut back and termination of the endless horrible Afghanistan war that kills and cripples more brave men each day. Our homeland military rehab facilities are running over with wounded warriors. We face threats of global warming, await an explanation for the old Syrian Benghazi massacre, of a year ago, of our ambassador and three other brave men. Then there is the illegal IRS snooping on non-profit organizations plus other financial problems including a near $17 trillion debt.

What have we got going into 2014? A bleak cold winter record forecast and the front page New York Times commentary by Andrew Rosenthal that was obviously just a Democratic Party endorsement of Hillary Clinton for 2016, which painted her blameless for blocking efforts to get the truth about Benghazi.

Remember the words of Albert Einstein: "The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits." Many are of the opinion that the New York Times is no genius.

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