Free Internet market faces troubling attack

Earlier this year a federal court threw out the FCC's net neutrality rules. Now Internet service providers like AT&T, Time Warner Cable and Verizon can legally block us from accessing information online.

Already AT&T and Verizon are messing with us: AT&T filed a patent that would allow it to define which traffic is "permissible" and "non-permissible" on its network. And Verizon is playing games with traffic to Netflix and others.

Without net neutrality, bigger companies would be able to pay to get their sites to work faster and people might have to pay more for content online. Want to watch Netflix or listen to Spotify? You might have to pay extra to include access to those sites in your Internet package.

If the FCC reclassifies broadband, all of this sneaky behavior can stop. Last week activists brought 1 million signed petitions supporting net neutrality to an FCC meeting.

Congress created the FCC, holds the agency accountable, can tell FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to reclassify broadband as a communications service, and pass strong net neutrality rules. This is the only way to protect everyone's right to connect and communicate online without interference. We should accept nothing less. Tell your congressman.

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