Sub Learning Center receives 5 training, educational awards

Groton — The Submarine Learning Center received five 2013 Training and Education Excellence awards from the Naval Education and Training Command.

The annual awards spotlight the quality and intensity of work that demonstrates NETC's vision, mission and strategic goals for training and support operations.

The center's job is to create, coordinate and execute the future training and education vision for the submarine force. It has 1,150 instructors and staff, and last year more than 235,000 sailors graduated from 300 courses.

The center received a planning and programming “Silver T,” a training production management “Green T,” a logistics management “Blue T,” a curriculum management “Black T,” and a training support management “Bronze T.”

“These awards are a reflection of the hard work accomplished every day over the course of the last year,” said Capt. David A. Roberts, who commands the center. “We live and work in a dynamic environment requiring continuous evaluation of every job, duty and task submarine sailors perform, while assessing the curriculum and tools we use to teach and train them even while making timely decisions and determinations on where and how we need to move forward.”


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