Real Estate Transactions for March 6


11 Buttermilk Lane: FNMA to Pamela Junkins and Angelina Grecula, $262,500 on Feb. 6

27 Coachman Drive: Maryann D. McAdam to H. S. Lovestead, $286,000 on Feb. 6

420 East Main Street, Unit 8: JNM Capital LLC to Leanspa LLC, $200,000 on Feb. 7

9 Ferndale Road, Unit F: Stephanie M. Stach and Stephanie Meglio to Sara A. and Carol A. Lucibello, $83,000 on Feb. 7

10 Kelly Crest Road: Hang Nguyen to Giang Nguyen, $140,000 on Feb. 4

25 Stratton Way, Unit 25: Marlene Casey to Richard and Susan Defrancesco, $100,000 on Feb. 6


72 Straits Road: Todd A. Bakoledis to Steven W. and Katherine E. Mosley, $190,000 on Feb. 6


2 Allen Road: Philip V. and Marsha C. Patrone to Jeremy M. and Kristin A. Yorke, $297,500 on Feb. 4

East Haven

79 Bayard Avenue: Nechama Liebermann to Jonathan P. and Brittany Yeager, $265,000 on Feb. 3

61 Fieldstone Court, Unit 22: Parkhurst Drive RT and David C. Laurello to Angela Mazzoli, $305,000 on Feb. 3

70 Florence Street: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Lisa Santoroski, $70,350 on Feb. 6

122 Foxon Boulevard: Pasquale L. Criscio and Bank Of America NA to Bank Of America NA, $1 on Feb. 5

62 Foxon Hill Road: John M. Carrano to Deborah M. Tescione and Deborah M. Carrano, $30,000 on Feb. 3

11 Judith Lane: Alphonse Paolillo to John and Cynthia C. Paolillo, $210,000 on Feb. 4

140 Thompson Street, Unit 3c: Wells Fargo Bank NA to Anna Albe, $102,500 on Feb. 4

233 Tyler Street: Albano Paul A. Sr Est and Paul A. Albino to Anthony Carbone, $125,000 on Feb. 6


68 Chittenden Road: Elizabeth R. and Robert F. Lucas to FNMA, $213,027 on Feb. 4

19 Fawn Hill Road: Joseph and Beth A. Lipuma to 19 Fawn Hill Road RET and Dennis Powers, $436,000 on Feb. 6

35 Whitewood Road: Jensens Residential Comnt to Shirley L. Kiliany, $161,962 on Feb. 7


1439 Durham Road: David Massey and Chase Home Finance LLC to Chase Home Finance LLC, $1 on Jan. 14

28 Field Brook Road: John J. and Nancy G. Girald to Christopher and Nancy Borduas, $740,000 on Jan. 17

30 Georgetown Circle: Peter C. and Dawn B. Hubbard to Amy S. Kennedy, $425,000 on Jan. 21

5 Highview Road: Richard Harmon to Raymond W. Palumbo, $525,000 on Jan. 21

129 Liberty Street: R&M Building&Dev to Sepehr and Kristin Sajjad, $1,375,000 on Jan. 29

37 Mendingwall Circle: Polly A. Biehn to Joseph J. Harrington and Melissa R. Villano, $410,000 on Jan. 24

50 Randi Drive: Bank Of America NA to Christopher C. Platanos and Joanne A. Paltanos, $600,000 on Jan. 23

22 Walnut Hill Road: Baohong Zhang and Yali Lu to Brookfield Relocation Inc, $475,000 on Jan. 23

22 Walnut Hill Road: Brookfield Relocation Inc to Michael Zuba and Dawn Gratalo, $440,000 on Jan. 23

North Branford

47 Idylwood Drive: USA HUD to Patricia and Thomas Buckley, $239,628 on Feb. 7

North Haven

222 Bassett Road: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Waterside RE Dev, $170,000 on Feb. 7

177 Forest Hill Road: Sapal S. and Renjik K. Mann to Zhiang Kang, $200,000 on Feb. 6

83 Half Mile Road: James P. Ess and Anna L. Testa to Michael J. and Maryann Adinolfi, $230,000 on Feb. 7

53 Manor Drive: Westminister Construction to Wayne Riccitelli and Marisa Turski, $389,000 on Feb. 3

33 Monroe Street: 33 Monroe Street LLC to Gina Stowe, $260,000 on Feb. 6

88 Rimmon Road: Cecelia J. O'Rourke and Peter Kylak to Edward and Louis St. George, $200,000 on Feb. 6

600 Washington Avenue, Unit G4: Rebecca Ciaburri to Melania J. Lindberg, $235,000 on Feb. 4

Old Saybrook

81 Atlantic Drive: Christopher and Michael McKenna to Leo A. Lensing and Carolyn J. Sharp, $425,000 on Feb. 4

400 Boston Post Road: LJS Properties LLC to Saybrook Rlty Acquistn, $800,000 on Feb. 14

27 Briarcliffe Trail: Steven and Gina T. Mazzola to Daniel R. and Kathryn M. Schneider, $359,000 on Jan. 31

27 Bridge Street: Heiney Eugean E. Jr Est and Eugean E. Heiney to Saybrook Point Marina LLC, $300,000 on Feb. 14

6 Crowley Drive: Katherine L. Cryder to Keith D. and Mary L. Coughlin, $310,000 on Jan. 13

10 Denmore Lane: Pauline M. Kraemer to M&B Saybrook LLC, $65,000 on Feb. 4

3 Fox Hill Road: Malcolm Emily J. Est and Patricia E. Urquidi to Edward S. and Barbara R. Pilcher, $251,324 on Feb. 6

83 Hartford Avenue: Pedro Francisco to Kimberly A N. Simoncini, $200,000 on Feb. 11

Ingham Hill Road: Maynard Mary J. Est and Patricia L. Damon to Susan A. and Gary A. Vincent, $7,000 on Jan. 21

45 Neptune Drive: Joan E. North to David E. and Marcey B. Gauley, $318,250 on Feb. 14

Owaneco Trail: Zaniewski Mark J. Est and Keith B. Gallant to Paul J. Zaniewski T. and Keith B. Gallant, $142,500 on

Jan. 21

9 Parkman Place: Andrew and Jennifer Murphy to Douglas E. and Barbara E. Walker, $782,000 on Jan. 31

4 Squaw Brook: Bradford C. and Lisa D. Eaton to Geoffrey E. and Lisa Herter, $302,000 on Jan. 13

Whitney Avenue: FERLS Inc to Oyster River Dock LLC, $233,350 on Feb. 10


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