Waterford finance board approves $2 million in spending

Waterford — The Board of Finance approved seven budgets without changes to requested appropriations at a budget hearing Wednesday. The board voted to approve roughly $2 million total in appropriations.

The largest budget to pass was that of the Finance Department. The department requested a 2 percent increase over its 2013-14 budget, to $881,676 for the 2014-15 fiscal year.

The department requested an additional $5,575 to help cover the ongoing replacement of computer work stations. The department plans to replace 15 computer work stations and monitors in the next fiscal year.

Finance Director Rudie Beers said the department normally replaces 15 to 20 of the oldest computer stations each year.

She said the cycle of renewing the technology has stalled the past few years due to budgetary constraints. The department replaced only 10 work stations in 2013-14 and did not replace any in the two previous years.

“We’re trying to gradually phase in our replacement system for the computers,” said Beers.

Some departments requested lower budgets for 2014-15. The Legal Department received approval for appropriations totaling $20,000 less than the current budget.

During the regular meeting preceding the hearing, the finance board approved two emergency appropriations from the Board of Selectmen and one from the police department. The Board of Selectmen approved the appropriations at its meeting last week.

The requests will now move to the Representative Town Meeting.



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