Council should back NL school budget

I want to express my support for the New London Board of Education's proposed 1.9 percent budget increase. This budget shows that the board is making responsible decisions to provide a good education to all students, as well as being realistic in how they plan their budget.

In the recent past, the school board has gone several years with no increase. Last year the board was given a 1 percent increase. This year they should be granted a 1.9 percent increase by the City Council. As I read the newspaper daily, other districts are asking for much higher increases. It is also important to note that last year the school board had a surplus of money, which they returned to the council at the end of the fiscal year.

There are also other factors that must be taken into account. The board gets a good portion of their budget from state and federal dollars, in addition to the city contribution. With the current intervention comes another purse of money.

In closing, a 1.9 percent increase is responsible. I applaud the board for taking this vote and urge the council to support its budget.

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