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State working hard on Seaside project

Regarding David Collins' April 8 column, "Malloy Inc.: Deal-making with a tax scofflaw," it should be noted that the Seaside "deal" was entered into in 2010, prior to the Malloy administration. The deal was some 15 years in the making and involved extensive collaboration between the Town of Waterford and the state. Nonetheless, we understand and share the frustrations of those who want this development to come to pass.

A private lawsuit was filed in 2011 challenging the developer's plan. That challenge was litigated for two years and resolved in favor of the developer, Seaside in Waterford, LLC, late last year. It would not be fair to hold that delay against the developer.

Since then, the state has regularly met with the developer to assure that he is making diligent efforts to get the required approvals. At this time we expect him to do so. However, the developer knows that our patience is not limitless and should the state conclude that reasonable efforts to secure required approvals and complete the property transaction are not being made, we will move to terminate the arrangement. Of course, that will likely delay any alternative development by a matter of years.

The development of such properties is challenging, involving unexpected impediments. It's our job to work through them and secure for the state and Waterford a successful outcome.

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