Mr. I takes issue with Selig and Pineda

Idle Thoughts, while waiting for Sun basketball, sunny Chiney Ogwumike and more sunny weather:

• Mr. Idle, Mr. I to his close friends, once again salutes the ongoing Mr. Magoo act of Car Salesman Selig, whose game survives in spite of him.

So that dope Pineda gets the 10 games he deserves.

And the Yankees, by rule, must play the next 10 games with 24, not 25 players. Poor Dean Anna got sent down.

Yet had Pineda been caught with performance enhancing drugs, the Yankees could have replaced him on the roster immediately and played with the full 25.

Only in baseball does a team get punished more for pine tar than the cream and the clear.

• More Pineda:

Mr. I would suspend him 10 more games after his current 10. Just ... because.

• Stunning upset here: Red Sox players made more sense of Pineda's idiocy than their dopey fans.

David Ortiz said, essentially, that using pine tar to grip a 94 mph fastball beats the alternative.

Dustin Pedroia said he had no problem with pine tar, except that Pineda flaunted it.

Nitwit Nation: Cheater! Cheater!

Mr. I's modest proposal: Hum "Sweet Caroline" a little softer and listen to your players.

• Correspondent Bill Donovan reports that his Metrocast bill was exactly the same this month, despite the absence of the YES Network.

Once again for those who can: 1-800-DirecTV.

• The great Richard Deitch of Sports Illustrated reported that roughly 140,000 more viewers watched the WNBA Draft than last season's Major League Baseball draft.

That's a few days after UConn-Notre Dame women was the week's highest rated cable sports program.

What say you, women's basketball haters?

• Congrats to Clayton Potter of New London who is going Ivy. Clayton will attend college next year at Columbia.

His dad, Chuck, a former columnist here at America's Most Underrated Media Outlet, has pledged to drink more Manhattans now that his son his headed to Manhattan.

Heh, heh, heh.

• Tweet Mr. I the next time a Red Sox hitter takes a called third strike without looking like a victim of a crime.

• In case you missed it: The gang here at America's Most Underrated Media Outlet is up for several New England Emmy Awards.

That's right. The New London-Middletown high school football webcast is a finalist for "live sporting event/unedited" with the Boston Marathon from WBZ-TV in Boston, the Celtics on Comcast, Game 7 of the Bruins-Maple Leafs last year on NESN and the Red Sox on NESN.

Pretty good company.

If Mr. I does say so himself.

• Help Mr. I out here:

Is Robinson Cano still in the majors?

• Congrats to Ledyard High's Michelle Klinikowski, who announced last week she'll be playing volleyball at Boston College. This makes Michelle the smartest female athlete in the ECC.

Smartest male athlete, of course, is BC-bound Marcus Outlow of NFA.

• So how is that leadoff spot going for the Sox without Ellsbury? Glad you asked.

Entering the series at Fenway last week - the one where Ellsbury had roughly 14 hits - Boston used five different players leading off with a combined .190 average and a .555 OPS.

Ellsbury was hitting .338.

But, hey, they saved all that money.

• Dying to hear some of our forward thinking social commentators on defend Donald Sterling.

Go ahead.

You know you want to.

• From Fitch guy Bernie Nasser: The deadline for nominations for the first Fitch Hall of Fame ceremony has been extended to May 30. Go to the Groton schools website if you are so inclined and nominate your favorite former Falcons (which is excellent use of alliteration, Mr. I might add).

• While we're at Fitch: Congrats to Mike Emery, who will be honored May 8 at the Connecticut High School Coaches Association's 50th Annual Recognition Dinner at Aqua Turf. Emery, who won two state titles, will be recognized for his contribution to high school football.

Tickets for the event are $46 and may be obtained through John Fontana at 860-628-4122.

This is the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro.


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