Man to serve 90 days, forfeit vehicles and cash for marijuana offense

Larry Jackson Jr., flanked by his pastor and a dozen family members at his sentencing Wednesday in New London Superior Court, told a judge he has been drug free and in control of his life in the year since police raided his home at 3 Marshall Place.

“Marijuana has gotten me in trouble enough,” said Jackson, 30, who added that he coaches youth basketball and wants to be a role model for his children.

Jackson was facing up to a year in prison for possession of marijuana with intent to sell. He had accepted a plea deal that gave his attorney, Brian J. Woolf, the opportunity to argue for a reduced prison term.

Judge Hillary B. Strackbein sentenced Jackson to 90 days, but warned that Jackson would ruin the children he wants to help if he continues to sell marijuana and keep loaded weapons in the house.

“Children do what they see,” Strackbein said.

New London vice and patrol officers had seized approximately 9 ounces of marijuana, a fully loaded 12-gauge shotgun, multiple boxes of ammunition and drug paraphernalia from his home in the June raid. The police also seized two motorcycles and a Porsche Boxster.

Prosecutor Paul J. Narducci asked the judge to send Jackson to prison for a year. He said it was troubling that there was a loaded shotgun in the home, though he noted “on the plus side” that Woolf has been supportive of his girlfriend’s child.

Woolf said Jackson, who grew up in the New Haven area, was a promising basketball player whose athletic career was cut short when he was injured in a motor vehicle accident. Randall Furlow, pastor of the New Life Covenent Church in Hamden, said he has declined requests to speak in court on behalf of other church members, but that Jackson’s character truly has changed.

“He’s one of the most transformed individuals I know,” Furlow said.

As part of the plea deal Jackson accepted, one of his motorcycles and the Porsche will be turned over to New London police. The drugs will be destroyed and the cash will be turned over to the state’s asset forfeiture fund.


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