Rep. Ritter is great at spending our cash

The letter, "Rep. Ritter has been a great asset," (April 23), regarding Rep. Ritter, pointed out several things that were needed such as the Health Care Exchange, the Bioscience/Pharmaceutical jobs in Groton, but no mention of what it cost the state of Connecticut, i.e. you and me.

Ritter appears to have turned a blind eye to anything that might save taxpayers money. I haven't read anything over the years where she or our senator have introduced legislation to lower/eliminate COLAs on pensions; or at least use the same criteria used by the government for Social Security. Nothing to change the law allowing former legislators to collect a state pension while working in a new state job; nothing to lower state pensions, especially for anyone collecting over $100,000 a year; not anything about teachers' $47,000 pensions.

How many people do you know on Social Security who collect that much? Nothing about the recent slap over judges only working a few years to get a fat pension. And what about the 50 percent tax exemption proposed by the governor for those people collecting $100,000 penisions? When it comes to spending money, no problem; but nothing about saving us some money.

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