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Dial Tone DJ kept the joint jumping

In the mid-'70s the former Dial Tone in Waterford was the happening place to be.

Bud Fisher, a.k.a. "Gary Hunter!" was the DJ who breathed life into the establishment keeping the place rocking, while a line of patrons could be seen far out the door. Bud was always very gracious to all who asked him to play a certain song for them. He always did his best to please everyone, which was no easy task. Games and contests were fun to watch or participate in and I have to say it was great seeing some patrons dressed up in Halloween costumes, or bobbing for apples.

I really admired all the fantastic dancers who graced the Disco Dome floor back then, and adding the effect from the strobe lights flashing psychedelic colors, it would blow your mind! Then if that wasn't enough for you, they would flash the lights in a certain way that made fast dancers seem to be going in slow motion. Talk about far out!

We all owe a debt of gratitude to Bud Fisher and appreciate you more then you will ever know.

Maybe someday we will all have that reunion we have dreamed about. I will be a "Dial Toner" always.

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