Avalonia Land Conservancy takes on Bell Cedar Swamp

North Stonington – Avalonia Land Conservancy celebrated its most recent acquisition Sunday with a dedication ceremony at Bell Cedar Swamp.

The ecologically significant property, off Stillman Road Extension, adjoins the 79-acre Bell Cedar Preserve, owned by the Nature Conservancy. The two preserves are characterized by Atlantic White Cedar swamp, a rare and threatened habitat.

Avalonia began efforts to acquire the 74-acre property in 2009, hosting hikes, public education programs and submitting several grant applications.

Funding for the purchase was provided by the state’s open space and watershed and land acquisition program, the federal government under the North American Wetlands Conservation Act funding program, the Fields Pond Foundation, the Bafflin Foundation and the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut, as well as individual donors. In addition, Dorothy Gurnee donated property she owned within the Bell Cedar Swamp to Avalonia as a part of this preserve.

Access to the property is off Stillman Road Extension or through the Bell Cedar Preserve on Boom Bridge Road. Avalonia is now raising funds to acquire Babcock Ridge, another property in North Stonington.

For information, contact Heather Milardo at (860) 884-3500 or at: avalonialc@yahoo.com.


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