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Astounded by actions of Salem school board

The actions of some Board of Education members in Salem astounds me. Not only did they fail to provide information in a timely manner to the town, but some have verbally and publicly insulted town residents, ignored their concerns and failed to acknowledge their inadequate leadership.

When given the opportunity to attempt to create a better relationship with the town, they resist the need for change. Is it fear of change? Is it blind loyalty? Or is it just plain arrogance?

I thought the Board of Education would put the needs of the students of the town first and not the status quo. Change is needed in order to restore the confidence of the parents of the town's students and attempts should then be made to have a better working relationship with town officials and Board of Finance members. Remember, there is an election in about a year. Keep track of who on the Board of Education you have the most confidence in. Get out and vote if you care about how your school is run and how your money is spent.

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