Renters' Rebate program accepting applications

Norwich — City Department of Human Services officials are taking applications for the state Renters’ Rebate program, offered to low-income elderly and disabled residents. 

The tax relief program administered by the state Office of Policy and Management refunds money to elderly and disabled people who rent apartments and have paid disproportionate amounts of rent and utilities as compared to their incomes. 

To apply, an applicant must be at least age 65 as of Dec. 31, 2013, or must be disabled, must have lived in Connecticut for one full year at some time in their lives and must be a resident at the time of application. 

Single people with incomes of up to $34,100 per year and couples with combined incomes of less than $41,600 per year may apply. Refund checks will range from $50 to $900, depending on circumstances. 

Norwich residents may apply by calling Norwich Human Services at (860) 823-3778 or by calling the Rose City Senior Center at (860) 889-5960.

Residents of housing complexes such as Westwood Park, Village Court, Hamilton Park Apartments, should call resident service managers for onsite appointments.


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