New feature allows quick response to jury summonses

Connecticut residents summoned to jury duty in state courts may use their mobile devices to link automatically via a Quick Response Code, or QR Code, to a page where they can confirm or postpone their service online and email the Jury Administration office.

The “QR Code” is on the left side of the jury summons, top right corner. QR codes store information in the form of a two-dimensional square barcode, and a QR reader application is necessary to detect the code. Users may download a QR reader application through his or her mobile device’s marketplace or store, and several such apps are available.

“In our continuing efforts to enhance our means of communication through the use of technology, Jury Administration is pleased to announce this new feature to the jury summons,” said Jury Administrator Esther Harris in a press release. “We hope that this new QR Code will provide a quick and easy way for potential jurors to access jury information.”


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