Family of slain Connecticut woman seeks reform

Hartford (AP) — The family of an Oxford woman allegedly shot and killed by her estranged husband is pushing for federal legislation that would prevent subjects of a temporary restraining order from purchasing or possessing firearms. Merry Jackson, who was also wounded in the May 7 shooting, said Monday she believes her daughter, Lori Jackson Gellatly, might be alive today if such a law were in place. Merry Jackson says her 32-year-old daughter had obtained a restraining order against her husband, describing him as violent. However, Jackson said her son-in-law, 46-year-old Scott Gellatly, could purchase a gun in New York, where there was no record of the temporary order. U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal has proposed the legislation. He said current federal law prevents gun purchases and possessions only when there's a permanent order.


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