Approve North Stonington school project because it just makes sense

The New England Association of Schools and Colleges, responsible for accreditation, has had North Stonington on warning related to the condition of school facilities for over 10 years. Hazardous materials such as PCBs are in some school facilities. The EPA knows. We cannot say when they will force us to remediate.

The elementary school multi-purpose room floor is dangerous and kids are getting hurt. The gymatorium roof leaks and does not meet federal standards.

Our elected boards, school administrators and appointed committees have worked diligently for years to determine the best method for fixing the problems. They even looked at regionalization/school of choice versus renovation.

Educating our students here is the best option. So, to avoid losing our accreditation and to remediate serious safety concerns, we must fix our high school/middle school, the grammar school and the gymatorium. The town can choose one of two options:

Renovate as new with reimbursement and get a $40.52 million product for $25.87 million (or less) with credits back from the state; or, refurbish those same outdated and dangerous facilities piecemeal over many more years for about the same cost, no state credits.

Reimbursement makes sense.

Please vote "yes" in today's referendum.

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