Experience nature while you can

Thank you for the June 30 commentary, "Reconnect with nature," which is great advice but presumptively assumes everyone was connected in the first place. Nature always provides a more healthy, real-life environment to the indoors, but between industrial pollution, wasted resources, artificial alternatives, people's apathy and climate change, nature as we know it is under enormous threats. This is not only sad for humans but presents tremendous threats to our animal friends who call nature home.

Connect or reconnect with nature and however you get there, experience this low-cost, healthy real life experience making the effort to choose it over artificial air-conditioned alternatives.

The fact is the more people experience nature the more likely they are to protect it, adopting a lifestyle in harmony with nature that most definitely adds smiles and quite possibly additional time to your life and life to your time. Do not dismiss The Day's great nature suggestion thinking it's not for me. We'll all be part of nature soon enough but how about now making an effort to enjoy the wonderful outdoors, where the air is real? Paraphrasing "The Gambler," there'll be time enough for resting, when the livin's done.

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