How about details, candidate Carney?

We always know when election time rolls around in the 23rd Assembly District. We receive flyers stating how a candidate will cut taxes, reduce government spending and improve our standard of living.

What puzzles me is how a young candidate, Devin Carney, who has no experience in government, no managerial experience in business nor any negotiating background can say he has solutions to cut spending, improve the business climate in the state and improve our substandard transportation system. His flyer states he has common sense solutions for these problems, so isn't it reasonable for him to tell us more about his solutions?

The Lyme/Old Lyme Chamber proposed a candidate forum in early August, which would have enabled the voters to see the candidates in action and to hear more about their solutions. Vicki Lanier accepted the invitation, Devin Carney declined. Too bad the voters won't hear more about his solutions but, instead, must rely exclusively on his clever mail pieces.

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