Ritter best candidate in 20th District

Editor's note: This corrects an earlier version in which the writer's background was incorrect and incomplete.

Having attended the Democratic 20th State Senate District debate Aug. 5 at the Waterford Library, it is readily apparent that Betsy Ritter deserves and would, by far, be the very best candidate to represent us in the 20th State Senate District.

During her tenure representing us for the last 10 years in the House, Ritter has a proven track record of outstanding constituent service. Call her on any issue and you get an informed response immediately and a call-back if additional research is necessary. In addition, Betsy schedules regular constituent meeting time at the local library for those who prefer to meet in person. Having lived in Waterford my whole life, I have witnessed some very good state representatives but she is the most responsive, knowledgeable, effective and dedicated of them all.

Although state representative and senator are officially considered part-time positions, Betsy works full-time, to our benefit, and without any conflict of interest issues looming over her. She does not have to recuse herself from any discussion or voting on any issue because of conflict of interest with any full-time employer, as does her challenger. She deserves our support Aug. 12.

The writer formerly served on the Waterford Democratic Town Committee and the town's Finance Board, Police Commission and Animal Shelter Committee.

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