Day wrong seeking Maynard's medical status

Talk about insensitivity!

We are avid Day news readers and could not have been more disappointed in your viewpoint with your recent editorial, "Sen. Maynard's status," (Aug. 12). It was as though the editorial were written 30 years ago prior to privacy laws enacted to protect the rights of American Citizens. HIPPA privacy laws were enacted to prevent the invasion of providing an individual's private health information and we were surprised to see this newspaper's feeling of entitlement to that protected information under the guise of constituent responsiveness.

Each of Maynard's communities is represented by elected representatives who can care for constituent requests during the senator's recovery.

It is time for The Day to take some sensitivity training or at the very least a current 101 law review of HIPPA legislation.

We too continue to pray for Sen. Maynard's recovery and look forward to his spirited return to the 18th Senatorial District.

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