Want real change? Oust all incumbents

In this election season I hope that we will acknowledge that our congressional legislators have proven conclusively that they are incapable of running the government and vote to replace them with people who will. It isn't a question of party affiliation, no party has a monopoly on good ideas. It's a question of people who were elected to run the government but spend their time and our money doing everything but!

When you start listing the characteristics you would like our legislators to have - honest, knowledgeable, hard working, self-motivated - it's a long way down before you get to party affiliation. Face it, Congress is always going to be shaped pretty much like it is now. The majority party will shift back and forth over time, but regardless of which party is the majority, the government business must still be addressed.

We cannot tolerate the total ineffectiveness and lack of leadership of the current Congress. The solution is to start electing replacements until they all recognize their responsibility is to the country and not their political party and they start doing the job they were elected to do. Re-electing incumbents will only perpetuate the current blame-the-other-party ineptitude.

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