Montville WPCA plant operator resigns

Montville - A senior staff member of the town's water treatment plant has resigned, according to a letter distributed at the Water Pollution Control Authority meeting Thursday.

Class III Plant Operator Marcel Antonini resigned in an Aug. 27 letter to Mayor Ronald McDaniel. The letter stated that his resignation was effective Thursday.

"I understand that a two week notice is standard. However, due to the urgency of my notification, I would appreciate that you allow me to use the remainder of my personal time during this transition, so that I can complete all the necessary forms to finalize my resignation," Antonini wrote in the letter.

WPCA Chairman Tim May referred to Antonini as "fairly senior." He said the "Class III" designation is the second-highest granted to plant operators. WPCA Superintendent Michael Didato, who oversees operations at the plant, is classified as "Class IV," according to May. He said that Antonini was sufficiently qualified to fill in for Didato if necessary.

May said that Antonini's departure does not pose immediate problems for the WPCA because other staff members have equal or higher qualifications. He said the town is not currently looking to hire a replacement.

Antonini did not state a reason for his departure, according to WPCA Administrator Brian Lynch's written report for members of the WPCA.

Didato said that Antonini had worked for the WPCA about 10 years.

- Tess Townsend


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