Third murder trial witness says Brown simulated Mallove attack

A third witness told a New London jury Friday that Mozzelle Brown, who is on trial for the murder of Eugene Mallove, performed an animated simulation of the assault on the 56-year-old physicist a couple of days after the May 14, 2004, homicide in Norwich.

"I remember Mozzelle kicking and doing a motion, like shadowboxing," testified Keishon Dullivan.

Dullivan, a 37-year-old Hartford native who said he works with mentally ill people, mimed Brown's movements on the witness stand and said Brown, who had a bandaged hand, used a well-known acronym to describe how "that dude" had been beaten "beyond recognition."

The jury likely will begin deliberating some time next week and, lacking physical evidence, will have to decide whether they believe Dullivan and two previous witnesses who testified that they had witnessed the same conversation.

On Thursday, Dullivan's longtime girlfriend, Jill Sebastian, gave the jury a similar account of the gathering that took place among a group of friends in the living room of an apartment on Chestnut Street. Brown had seemed "happy" and "hyped up" when he described the attack, Sebsastian said. She quoted Brown using the same acronym.

And earlier this week, the jury heard the same story from Candace L. Foster, who is accused of joining Brown and her longtime boyfriend, Chad M. Schaffer, in committing the homicide. Brown and Schaffer allegedly began the assault on Mallove, left him in the driveway, then returned with Foster, who said they forced her to take part in the continued attack.

Mallove, discovered hours later by a prospective tenant, died of blunt traumatic injuries to the head and neck.

Throughout the week, the state has called experts from its forensic laboratory who described extensive testing of items recovered during the investigation by the state police Eastern District Major Crime Squad and Norwich police. The forensic examiners, who tested items taken from the crime scene, Mallove's van and other locations, said they found no DNA, fingerprints or other physical evidence linking Brown to the crime.

Dullivan and Sebastian, who were living with Schaffer and Foster in the Artspace Building in downtown Norwich in May 2004, have testified that they knew about their friends' involvement in the crime almost immediately after it occurred. Sebastian went to the police five years later, after two men initially were charged with Mallove's death were exonerated. Dullivan testified that once Sebastian started talking to the police, they pressured him to cooperate. He tried to protect "his boy," Schaffer, Dullivan testified, but the police knew he was lying so, "I had to be honest."

Dullivan said Schaffer told him that he and his cousin Mozzelle and another man went to the Mallove home after Schaffer's mother reported that Mallove was throwing away items belonging to the family. Schaffer also said "Mo" had left some of his "work" - crack cocaine - at the property, Dullivan testified.

The state has not charged the other man Dullivan named, Ryan Ferguson, in connection with the crime and have offered no other testimony or evidence that he was at the crime scene. However, Dullivan testified that some time after the incident, he saw Schaffer and Brown burning Mallove's shoes and camera in a fire pit behind Ferguson's Otrobando Avenue home.

Dullivan will undergo cross-examination when the trial continues Monday.

Schaffer, who accepted a plea bargain and pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter in the middle of his trial two years ago, is serving a 16-year prison sentence.

Though the state subpoenaed him to testify at Brown's murder trial, Judge Barbara Bailey Jongbloed granted a motion to quash the subpoena because Schaffer, who is appealing his sentence, claimed he could incriminate himself on the witness stand.

Foster, who is incarcerated while her own murder case is pending, is cooperating with the state.

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