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Letter claims about Plum Island unfounded

Regarding the letter, “Shut down Plum Island lab now,” (Aug. 5), by Terry Greco. She is not right, she is not even wrong. Terry is living in a fantasy world.

I have visited Plum Island and just about anyone can as part of several tour opportunities. It doesn't require a high clearance. Pretty much, if you can get through TSA for a flight you can get cleared for the visit. Referring to Hoof and Mouth Disease is a clue that Ms. Greco is unclear about what happens there. It's Foot and Mouth Disease. Nothing related to human diseases are studied there.

It is a Level 3 Lab; the new one in Kansas will be Level 4. Once the sale and move of the lab is complete many people are looking forward to opportunities to restore the lighthouse and parts of Fort Terry. The Day should balance inflammatory letters with some fact checking instead of just letting superstition pass without comment.

Jefferson Harris

New London

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