New London mayor backs de la Cruz

As mayor of New London I know firsthand the hard work that Joe de la Cruz has done for our city. First and foremost Joe and his wife Tammy, founders of Community Speaks Out, have been an incredible resource in our fight against the opioid crisis by increasing awareness and developing solutions. Families in New London have benefited from the good work they do.

Joe grew up in New London and his years of service on Groton’s Town Council and RTM have prepared him to understand what New London needs from state government. Who we have representing us in Hartford directly affects what services we are able to provide to all our citizens in New London. Joe has already proven he knows how to improve economic development to increase city/town revenue sources. His years of working in small businesses gives him a fiscally sound perspective. Joe has already proven he knows how to put ideas into action. New London needs Joe.

I proudly endorse Joe de la Cruz for 41st state representative. I ask that you vote for Joe on Nov. 8.

Michael Passero

New London

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