Editorial falsely described scope of Trump policy

I had the misfortune of reading your editorial, “Mr. Trump, this is not who we are,” (Jan 31). In it you described President Trump’s immigration ban as “an across-the-board ban on immigrants from Muslim countries.” How can you be so dishonest with your readers, or even yourselves? There are approximately 47 predominantly Muslim nations, and Trump has temporarily banned seven of them for three months. And these are the same countries singled out by Obama for special treatment. As I write, there are thousands of Muslim visitors from Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, etc. entering this country. 

Your intellectual dishonesty sickens me. The thought of Americans reading this propaganda nonsense and believing it, are not thoughts but nightmares. I know you’re not ignorant, so it must be that you’re purposely trying to mislead the readers. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I regret that I enjoy keeping up on local news and sports, otherwise I would never touch a copy of The Day again. 

Joe Corso


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