Book tip: Joe Pickett novels just get better and better

Book tip

Vicious Circle

C.J. Box

Over the course of 17 novels about Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett, author C.J. Box has developed the series in real-time — meaning Pickett and his fully-fleshed-out family and best pal Nate Romanowski continue to age and deal with aggregate cause-and-effect happenings. This time out, violent ex-rodeo star Dallas Cates is out of prison after nearly killing Joe's daughter April. At the same time, Joe exacted justified punishment on Cates' family of career felons — and Cates and two fellow ex-cons/surrogates will stop at nothing to get back at the Pickett clan. Tense, violent, heart-searing and with plenty of humanity to go along with the evocative landscape, "Vicious Circle" is a wonderful book.


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