Bill would have benefitted workers comp lawyers

State Rep. Christine Conley serves the people, if the “people” are only workers compensation lawyers.

Conley is one of our recently elected Democrat legislators representing Groton who also is a workers compensation attorney. Her campaign consisted mainly of distortions of her opponent’s record. On the issues she mainly confined herself to a fierce and unaccommodating dedication to the interests of workers compensation lawyers everywhere, but especially those in Groton. 

Now I am pleased to report that Conley is actively engaged in advancing the interests of her constituent. You can check out the bills she’s sponsored or co-sponsored on her website but I will save you some trouble and tell you about one in particular, HB 6666, “An Act Expanding Remedies and Potential Liability For Unreasonably Contested or Delayed Workers Compensation Claims.” 

This bill allows for endless lawsuits to be filled against employers and their insurance companies if someone thinks that they are suffering from a delay in processing a claim. Conley would have been able to rack up sizable billable hours had this bill passed. 

I can’t wait to see what she does next in support of her constituency.

Kevin Trejo


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